Coconut Oil Studies - Kidney Health

10. 中鎖脂肪酸で、腎臓機能を守りましょう

1. バージンココナッツオイル補給の抗酸化効果と抗炎症効果は、ラットに於いて抗癌剤メトトレキセートに誘発された急性化学療法の酸化的腎毒性を排除します。

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of virgin coconut oil supplementation abrogate acute chemotherapy oxidative nephrotoxicity induced by anticancer drug methotrexate in rats

2. 加熱パームオイル摂取で高血圧を誘発したラットに、ヴァージンココナッツオイルの腎防護効果発揮させる。

Renoprotective effect of virgin coconut oil in heated palm oil diet-induced hypertensive rats.

3. 乾燥したココナッツを原料にして、発酵させて作るヴァージンココナッツオイルの、インビボでの抗有害作用と抗炎症作用

In vivo Antinociceptive and Anti-inflammatory Activities of Dried and Fermented Processed Virgin Coconut Oil

4. バージンココナッツオイルの抗炎症効果、鎮痛効果、解熱効果

Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antipyretic activities of virgin coconut oil.[pdat]+AND+anti-inflammatory+virgin+coconut+oil&TransSchema=title&cmd=detailssearch

5. ヴァージンココナッツオイルの抗炎症効果

Anti-inflammatory activity of virgin coconout oil.










50匹のラットをメフェナム酸、5ml / kg VCO、10ml / kg VCO、15ml / kg VCOまたは0.9%生理食塩水にランダム化した。




ラットでは、5ml / kg体重のVCO投与量は、メフェナム酸よりも有意に大きな炎症抑制度を示した。

マウスでは、VCOの抗炎症作用はアスピリンに匹敵した。 (認証)


The health benefits of coconut oil have been recognized for a long time. Among the reported benefits include the ability to reduce cholesterol, antioxidant, antimutagenic and antimicrobial activities.

Some studies also indicate that coconut oil may have anti-inflammatory properties, but there has been no study to date that has demonstrated this properly.

In this article, we report the anti-inflammatory activity of virgin coconut oil (VCO) in rats and mice.

The study aimed to address the following objectives:

1) to demonstrate the anti-inflammatory activity of VCO in rats and mice

2) to compare the anti-inflammatory activity of VCO with aspirin and mefenamic acid.

Rats and mice were divided into five and three treatment groups, respectively.

Fifty rats were randomized to mefenamic acid, 5ml/kg VCO, 10 ml/kg VCO, 15 ml/kg VCO or 0.9% saline solution.

Thirty mice were randomized to aspirin, VCO, or distilled water.

After treatment, inflammation was induced by subcutaneous injection of carageenan in rats and albumin in mice at their hind paws.

Inflammation was monitored measuring the paw circumferences and volumes at regular time intervals.

In rats, a VCO dose of 5 ml/kg body weight provided a significantly greater degree of inhibition of inflammation than mefenamic acid. In mice, the anti-inflammatory activity of VCO was comparable to aspirin. (Auth)

6. 虚血性急性腎不全のラットにおける、長鎖脂肪酸と中鎖脂肪酸の脂肪除去比較

Comparison of the fat elimination between long-chain triglycerides and medium-chain triglycerides in rats with ischemic acute renal failure.

7. メチル欠乏食のラットで起こる腎臓壊死発症に関するココナッツオイルの保護効果

Protective effect of coconut oil on renal necrosis occurring in rats fed a methyl-deficient diet

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